Metal Pirate, Warriors of Galatea #3, is now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited! This is Skara’s book, a standalone romance novel with an HEA.

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Not a typical one-night stand!

Claudia was just looking for some fun, a one-night stand with a hot stranger to celebrate her birthday and knock an item off her to-do list. (Item: lose virginity.) Except now she seems to have acquired a bad case of sexually transmitted teleportation, and there are alien bounty hunters after her. As soon as she figures out how to control her new what-the-actual-hell superpower, she’s going to find Mr. Hottie and give him an enormous piece of her mind … and maybe some of the rest of her. If he apologizes enough. (It was a really good night.)

Space pirate Skara has spent his life trying not to get attached, but one night with a beautiful Earth girl changes his world forever. Not the least reason being that she now has his ability to teleport, she’s in danger because of him, and he has to get back the alien teleportation symbiont that she somehow stole from him because he’ll die without it.

Falling in love wasn’t supposed to be part of the plan …

Metal Pirate

Warriors of Galatea – Book 3

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