Keeping Her Pride is out! Get it on Amazon — $2.99 to buy, or free on Kindle Unlimited.


Lioness shifter Debi never dreamed she’d find love in the arms of a human; alpha real estate magnate Fletcher has had enough bad experiences with shifters to last a lifetime. Can two ambitious people overcome their pride and their prejudices to realize the only thing missing from their lives is each other?

Keeping Her Pride is the first book in a new series, Ladies of the Pack, about shifter women and human men. Are these human alphas strong enough to stand up to the Ladies of the Pack?

I’m also hard at work on the next Shifter Agents book! You can find the whole series on Amazon – 4 books to date, about the agents of the Shifter Crimes Bureau. Each book is a full-length standalone and the series can be read in any order – read them in Kindle Unlimited for free!

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