Advance Reader Copies

I am finally putting together an ARC team! ARC means Advance Reader Copies, and if you are interested, you can get free ebook copies of my books 1-3 days before they are released, in return for an honest review on Amazon (and probably Goodreads soon, but right now Amazon is the only place I’m sure about).

If you’d like to sign up, please click this link to go to the form:

This is separate from my regular mailing list. You can be on one, both, or neither, as you like. If you’re on the ARC team, I will send you two emails for every book release: the first will have instructions and download links for the ebook, and the second (after the book is released) will have links where you can leave your review.

Also, I know my books are long, so it’s totally fine if you don’t get a review up for a couple of weeks. I know some ARC teams have a very tight deadline, but I’m a long-winded author so I won’t do that to you. ;P

Free story: Chasing Bigfoot

chasing bigfoot cover

Right-click/command-click and “Save As” to download any of the following formats:
Chasing Bigfoot for KindleChasing Bigfoot EpubChasing Bigfoot PDF

This story is also on Smashwords for free.

If you encounter problems with any of these files, please email me.

Chasing Bigfoot

A Shifter Agents standalone story

This takes place shortly after Guard Wolf and features characters from Handcuffed to the Bear.


Casey McClaren stepped down from the driver’s side of the truck and took a deep breath of the pine-scented air. The trees pressed close around the clearing, a forest like a dark wall, draped with moss and gray with rain. Her hiking boots sank into mud, and she pulled the hood of her slicker over her head.

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