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Avery is a lone werewolf without a pack; Nicole is a social worker trying to put her life back together after a personal disaster. When he shows up on her doorstep with a box of orphaned werewolf puppies, and danger in pursuit, can two lonely people find the family they’ve been missing in each other?

Keep reading for a preview of Guard Wolf – Shifter Agents #2. This is a stand-alone shifter novel, the sequel to Handcuffed to the Bear – Shifter Agents #1.

Chapter One

Special Agent Avery Hollen was not having a good day.

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Shifter Agents timeline

(Note: this will be updated as I add future books)

Nothing in the series is tied to any specific year, but I do have a general timeline to determine what time of year the books take place, and how far apart they are.

Late June or early July – Handcuffed to the Bear (Jack and Casey meet in high summer)

Late October – Guard Wolf (“about a week before Halloween”); Jack and Casey at this point have been dating for “about three months” according to Avery (it would actually be a little longer, but he’s estimating)

Early November – Chasing Bigfoot

Christmas of that year – Merry & Bright

February-ish of the next year – Werewolf’s Housewarming (the mailing list freebie)

February or March – Dragon’s Luck

Summer of that year – Tiger in the Hot Zone

Also the same summer – Keeping Her Pride (not technically part of the main Shifter Agents series, but in the same world with a few shared characters)

Guard Wolf (Shifter Agents #2) is out!

It’s here! Just in time for Christmas! \o/


Avery Hollen is a werewolf without a pack.

After growing up in the foster system, this lone wolf has bonded to his co-workers at the Shifter Crimes Bureau because he has no one else, but he’s always yearned for a pack and a family of his own. Then a box of orphaned wolf shifter puppies turns up on his doorstep, with danger one step behind …

Curvy Aussie social worker Nicole Yates is one of the world’s only koala shifters. Slowly rebuilding her life after a personal disaster, she’s managed to convince herself that working with other people’s children is a fair substitute for having her own. Besides, she’s too busy for dating or relationships, and every other koala shifter is related to her anyway.

Then a wolf-shifter federal agent with a box of werewolf puppies turns up on her doorstep …

Now they’re falling in love and falling into disaster, as danger closes in and the secret of the orphaned shifter children turns out to be darker than anyone knew. Can Nicole and Avery protect each other, and the children they never knew they wanted, or will a dark secret years in the making drag down these two lonely mates and everything they hold dear?

This is a standalone, full-length shifter romance, second in the Shifter Agents series.

Guard Wolf on Amazon