Updates, updates

It looks like I last posted to this blog in Jan. 2020. Well. This has been a couple of years, hasn’t it?

I’ve got the site spiffed up and all the new stuff added, primarily:

The FAQ has also been updated to answer a question I’ve had a few times:

Q. Are you done with Shifter Agents?

No! I plan more books in the series. I was going to take a brief pause, write Warriors of Galatea, and then go back to it, but … *waves hands at the State of the World* It has taken me WAY longer than I planned, but I still have at least 3 more Shifter Agents books planned, including at least one more at the Seattle bureau and a possible Shifter Agents Arizona spinoff. After Metal Gladiator (coming in 2022), I plan to switch back to Shifter Agents again.

So that’s where we are! I didn’t plan on a 2-year hiatus, but life does happen, and I really appreciate everyone’s patience! Metal Gladiator will wrap up Warriors of Galatea for now, and then I’ll get back to the series that has always been my starting point and heart.

From all the little creatures hiding in my tree, I hope you have a bright and cheerful new year!

Oh, and it looks like WordPress has polls now, so let’s try one, just for fun!

SCB regional bureaus


Here is a quick-and-dirty map I put together for my own reference of where the different Shifter Crimes Bureau field offices and (approximate) jurisdictions are. I am not sure why I used the Cancer zodiac symbol to represent them. I was trying to find a star in my wingdings font, but I found that and I just liked it?

Anyway, there are five regional offices. We will get our first look at the Southwest bureau in the tiger shifter book I’m currently working on (it’s in an old military base near Tucson, out in the desert). There is also a Midwest office, an East Coast one, and one that handles the South.

The boundaries are REALLY vague right now and I’m not at all sure about where exactly they go. One thing I did realize while I was making this map is that the Seattle office should probably cover Alaska and Hawai’i too, so maybe I’ll send them to Hawai’i sometime soon. 🌴

Free Christmas story: Merry and Bright


Right-click/command-click and “Save As” to download any of the following formats:
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This short story is also on Smashwords for free.

If you encounter problems with any of these files, please email me.

Merry and Bright

A Shifter Agents Christmas story

This takes place after Guard Wolf and before Dragon’s Luck.

“Hey man, you gotta help me.”

Avery Hollen blinked at the computer screen sliding in and out of focus in front of him, and turned his bleary, sleep-deprived gaze on the rangy figure that had leaned a hip on the corner of his desk. Jack Ross was wearing his usual beat-up leather jacket and jeans, but under the jacket he had on a festive sweater with snowflakes on it. He also had a plastic holly sprig pinned to his collar and was holding a steaming mug shaped like the lower half of Santa: belt, boots, and red-clad buttocks. His wire-frame glasses gave him a deceptively mild demeanor; right now, with the sweater and the mug, he looked like an unusually ripped professor at a faculty holiday party.

As Avery stared at him blankly, Jack frowned. “Are you awake?”

“I’m totally awake; why wouldn’t I be?” Avery tried to push himself upright in his chair, rather than slumping over his keyboard.

“Because,” Jack said, leaning around to see the screen, “you just typed a whole row of the letter D.”

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New cover for Dragon’s Luck

Oh noooo, I forgot to announce this on the blog, just on Facebook! Dragon’s Luck has been redesigned with a new, extra-shiny cover, this one featuring a dragon so it looks more like other books in the series. This is not a new book, just a rebranding of an earlier one:


Dragon’s Luck on Amazon.

The next book in the series, the tiger book, is still being written and will be released in early 2017. So sorry for all the delays! But I have a special holiday present coming up for you in the next blog post … wait for it … 😀

Shifter jack’o’lantern is a GO!

Happy Halloween!

I posted this in stages to Facebook while I was working on it, so now I’m collecting it at the blog. 😀

I’m currently writing book 4 of Shifter Agents, Noah’s book, and he’s a tiger, so I thought it would be appropriate to do a tiger jack’o’lantern this year. Now, I should preface all of this by saying that I haven’t carved a pumpkin in years, and I’ve NEVER tried to do one of the fancy designs … so, not gonna lie, when I first started posting photos of the process to Facebook, I figured the last picture was going to be a dismally hacked pumpkin with candle light winking out of all the accidental holes.

But it actually came out pretty good! It would’ve been a disaster if I’d stuck to my original plan, which was to carve it with a knife. Luckily we have some woodworking gouges left over from a printmaking class I took in college (a certain number of … decades … ago) and those turned out to be the perfect tools for the job!

So, without further ado … let’s have a look.


This is going to go great, right?? I have no idea what I’m doing, hahaha oh nooooo.

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Announcing Dragon’s Luck, Shifter Agents #3!

Okay, so technically it came out last week – I updated everywhere but here, but I forgot to add it to the website!


Dragon’s Luck is the third book in the Shifter Agents series. No knowledge of the previous books is needed to read this one.

Gecko shifter and infiltration expert Jen Cho teams up with sexy dragon-shifter gambler “Lucky” Lucado to win a high-stakes poker game. Now they’re trapped on a cruise ship full of mobsters, mysterious enemy agents, and evil dragons, and it’ll take all their wits and luck to get out of this alive!

Guard Wolf preview


Guard Wolf on Amazon

$0.99 for Amazon Kindle

Avery is a lone werewolf without a pack; Nicole is a social worker trying to put her life back together after a personal disaster. When he shows up on her doorstep with a box of orphaned werewolf puppies, and danger in pursuit, can two lonely people find the family they’ve been missing in each other?

Keep reading for a preview of Guard Wolf – Shifter Agents #2. This is a stand-alone shifter novel, the sequel to Handcuffed to the Bear – Shifter Agents #1.

Chapter One

Special Agent Avery Hollen was not having a good day.

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Shifter Agents timeline

(Note: this will be updated as I add future books)

Nothing in the series is tied to any specific year, but I do have a general timeline to determine what time of year the books take place, and how far apart they are.

Late June or early July – Handcuffed to the Bear (Jack and Casey meet in high summer)

Late October – Guard Wolf (“about a week before Halloween”); Jack and Casey at this point have been dating for “about three months” according to Avery (it would actually be a little longer, but he’s estimating)

Early November – Chasing Bigfoot

Christmas of that year – Merry & Bright

February-ish of the next year – Werewolf’s Housewarming (the mailing list freebie)

February or March – Dragon’s Luck

Summer of that year – Tiger in the Hot Zone

Also the same summer – Keeping Her Pride (not technically part of the main Shifter Agents series, but in the same world with a few shared characters)

Guard Wolf (Shifter Agents #2) is out!

It’s here! Just in time for Christmas! \o/


Avery Hollen is a werewolf without a pack.

After growing up in the foster system, this lone wolf has bonded to his co-workers at the Shifter Crimes Bureau because he has no one else, but he’s always yearned for a pack and a family of his own. Then a box of orphaned wolf shifter puppies turns up on his doorstep, with danger one step behind …

Curvy Aussie social worker Nicole Yates is one of the world’s only koala shifters. Slowly rebuilding her life after a personal disaster, she’s managed to convince herself that working with other people’s children is a fair substitute for having her own. Besides, she’s too busy for dating or relationships, and every other koala shifter is related to her anyway.

Then a wolf-shifter federal agent with a box of werewolf puppies turns up on her doorstep …

Now they’re falling in love and falling into disaster, as danger closes in and the secret of the orphaned shifter children turns out to be darker than anyone knew. Can Nicole and Avery protect each other, and the children they never knew they wanted, or will a dark secret years in the making drag down these two lonely mates and everything they hold dear?

This is a standalone, full-length shifter romance, second in the Shifter Agents series.

Guard Wolf on Amazon