SCB regional bureaus


Here is a quick-and-dirty map I put together for my own reference of where the different Shifter Crimes Bureau field offices and (approximate) jurisdictions are. I am not sure why I used the Cancer zodiac symbol to represent them. I was trying to find a star in my wingdings font, but I found that and I just liked it?

Anyway, there are five regional offices. We will get our first look at the Southwest bureau in the tiger shifter book I’m currently working on (it’s in an old military base near Tucson, out in the desert). There is also a Midwest office, an East Coast one, and one that handles the South.

The boundaries are REALLY vague right now and I’m not at all sure about where exactly they go. One thing I did realize while I was making this map is that the Seattle office should probably cover Alaska and Hawai’i too, so maybe I’ll send them to Hawai’i sometime soon. 🌴

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