Updates, updates

It looks like I last posted to this blog in Jan. 2020. Well. This has been a couple of years, hasn’t it?

I’ve got the site spiffed up and all the new stuff added, primarily:

The FAQ has also been updated to answer a question I’ve had a few times:

Q. Are you done with Shifter Agents?

No! I plan more books in the series. I was going to take a brief pause, write Warriors of Galatea, and then go back to it, but … *waves hands at the State of the World* It has taken me WAY longer than I planned, but I still have at least 3 more Shifter Agents books planned, including at least one more at the Seattle bureau and a possible Shifter Agents Arizona spinoff. After Metal Gladiator (coming in 2022), I plan to switch back to Shifter Agents again.

So that’s where we are! I didn’t plan on a 2-year hiatus, but life does happen, and I really appreciate everyone’s patience! Metal Gladiator will wrap up Warriors of Galatea for now, and then I’ll get back to the series that has always been my starting point and heart.

From all the little creatures hiding in my tree, I hope you have a bright and cheerful new year!

Oh, and it looks like WordPress has polls now, so let’s try one, just for fun!