Warriors of Galatea

Full-length sci-fi romance novels with strong, gentle alien heroes and brave Earth-girl heroines.

  1. Metal Wolf – June 2018
  2. Metal Dragon – March 2019
  3. Metal Pirate – December 2019
  4. Metal Gladiator – June 2022

Shifter Agents

Full-length paranormal romantic suspense novels about the men and women of the Shifter Crimes Bureau (Seattle office). All books stand alone and can be read out of order. Also see the Free Reads page for free short stories set in this world.

  1. Handcuffed to the Bear – August 2015
  2. Guard Wolf – December 2015Read sample chapters
  3. Dragon’s Luck – May 2016
  4. Tiger in the Hot Zone – May 2017

Other Series and Standalones

Writing as Zoe Chant

I am one of a small group of friends who write together under the pen name Zoe Chant. We work together on developing our series and edit each other’s books to maintain a consistent style, but each of us writes our own series. Here is a list of my books written as Zoe. Series titles link to the series on Amazon; standalones have individual links.

Bodyguard Shifters

  1. Bearista (Oct. 2017)
  2. Pet Rescue Panther (Feb. 2018)
  3. Bear in a Bookshop (April 2018)
  4. Day Care Dragon (Oct. 2018)
  5. Bull in a Tea Shop (March 2019)
  6. Dancer Dragon (Dec. 2019)
  7. Babysitter Bear (April 2021)

Bears of Pinerock County

  1. Sheriff Bear (Oct. 2015)
  2. Bad Boy Bear (Feb. 2016)
  3. Alpha Rancher Bear (April 2016)
  4. Mountain Guardian Bear (Sept. 2016)
  5. Hired Bear (Aug. 2017)
  6. A Pinerock Bear Christmas (Nov. 2017)

Boxed Sets