Q. Are you done with Shifter Agents?

No! I plan more books in the series. I was going to take a brief pause, write Warriors of Galatea, and then go back to it, but … *waves hands at the State of the World* It has taken me WAY longer than I planned, but I still have at least 3 more Shifter Agents books planned, including at least one more at the Seattle bureau and a possible Shifter Agents Arizona spinoff. After Metal Gladiator (coming in 2022), I plan to switch back to Shifter Agents again.

Q. I don’t have a Kindle, and your books are only on Amazon. Can I still read them?

A. Yes you can! I can’t offer my books for sale elsewhere without violating the terms of my Amazon agreement (or I certainly would!) but there is a workaround.

First, buy the book on Amazon. Then forward the receipt email to laureneskerwriter@gmail.com (so I know you bought it legitimately) and let me know what format you’d like: epub is the format for most other ebook readers. I will convert the book and send it to you.

Also, all my books are DRM-free, so if you have your own conversion software (such as Calibre) you can convert it yourself. And I have a few shorter books available outside of Amazon; see the free reads page.