Shifter Agents timeline

(Note: this will be updated as I add future books)

Nothing in the series is tied to any specific year, but I do have a general timeline to determine what time of year the books take place, and how far apart they are.

Late June or early July – Handcuffed to the Bear (Jack and Casey meet in high summer)

Late October – Guard Wolf (“about a week before Halloween”); Jack and Casey at this point have been dating for “about three months” according to Avery (it would actually be a little longer, but he’s estimating)

Early November – Chasing Bigfoot

Christmas of that year – Merry & Bright

February-ish of the next year – Werewolf’s Housewarming (the mailing list freebie)

February or March – Dragon’s Luck

Summer of that year – Tiger in the Hot Zone

Also the same summer – Keeping Her Pride (not technically part of the main Shifter Agents series, but in the same world with a few shared characters)

2 thoughts on “Shifter Agents timeline

  1. Just a thought, but it would be cool if the three smaller books, Chasing Bigfoot, Merry & Bright, and Werewolf’s Housewarming was in one larger book and sold on Amazon.

    The problem with downloading books from Smashwords or Bookfunnel is that they are temporary downloads and unable to be saved with the collection of Shifter Agents without keeping them downloaded all the time. As phones have limited space, if they are kept, it could keep other books from being able to be downloaded.

    Thanks for listening.



    1. Hi Sara! This is a great suggestion, and it’s actually something I’ve been thinking about, either bundling the stories or having them in some kind of Amazon series to make them easier to find. It’ll probably happen when I get a couple more written, maybe swapping out Werewolf’s Housewarming so I have a new newsletter story since that one’s been going for a while.

      Thank you for suggesting it – it’s given me a bit of a kick in the pants to actually get out there and get it done! Stay tuned. 🙂


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