ARC Team

Would you like to be part of my ARC team and receive Advance Reader Copies of my new books a few days before they come out, in exchange for an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads? Here’s how!

  1. SIGN UP using the signup link here or below. If there is no signup link, ARC team slots are not currently open. Check back later!
  2. As a member of my ARC team, you’ll receive an email with download links about 4-5 days before the book officially comes out.
  3. When the book comes out, you’ll get a reminder email with links to where you can leave your reviews.
  4. Leave a review within a week or two that includes the information that you received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Your review should be your honest opinion of the book. You will not be kicked off the ARC team for leaving low-star reviews. You also won’t be kicked off the ARC team for skipping a review or two, as long as you are fairly reliable about it.

If you happen to notice any typos or errors while you are reading, please email me and I can fix it before the book is published!

**NOTE: This is separate from my new book announcement list. You can join my new book list by clicking here!**

Have you read the above instructions? Are you ready to sign up for my ARC list and get free books??

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