Warriors of Galatea

Full-length sci-fi romance novels with strong, gentle alien heroes and brave Earth-girl heroines.


Metal Wolf – Warriors of Galatea #1
June 11, 2018 Sci-Fi Romance (F/M) / 224 pages / $2.99 / Amazon for Kindle

Farm girl Sarah gave up her dream of reaching for the stars, but then a wounded soldier from space crashes into her life … literally!


Metal Dragon – Warriors of Galatea #2
March 7, 2019 Sci-Fi Romance (F/M) / 352 pages / $2.99 / Amazon for Kindle

Widowed Meri is stranded on an alien planet with a tormented, handsome dragon prince. What happens on the alien planet, stays on the alien planet …

Metal Pirate – Warriors of Galatea #3
Dec. 22, 2019 Sci-Fi Romance (F/M) / 352 pages / $2.99 / Amazon for Kindle

It’s Romancing the Stone in space, when a footloose space pirate and an Earth virgin team up to pull off the heist of the century!

Shifter Agents

Full-length paranormal romantic suspense novels about the men and women of the Shifter Crimes Bureau (Seattle office). All books stand alone and can be read out of order. Also see the Free Reads page for free short stories set in this world.


Handcuffed to the Bear – Shifter Agents #1
Aug. 22, 2015 Paranormal Romance (F/M) / 242 pages / $2.99 / Amazon for Kindle

A bear shifter ex-mercenary and a curvy lynx shifter searching for her best friend’s killer are handcuffed together and hunted in the wilderness. Can they learn to rely on each other before their pasts, and their pursuers, catch up with them?


Guard Wolf – Shifter Agents #2

Dec. 17, 2015 Paranormal Romance (F/M) / 362 pages / $2.99 / Amazon for Kindle

Avery is a lone werewolf without a pack; Nicole is a social worker trying to put her life back together after a personal disaster. When he shows up on her doorstep with a box of orphaned werewolf puppies, and danger in pursuit, can two lonely people find the family they’ve been missing in each other?

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Dragon’s Luck – Shifter Agents #3

May 12, 2016 Paranormal Romance (F/M) / 321 pages / $2.99 / Amazon for Kindle

Gecko shifter and infiltration expert Jen Cho teams up with sexy dragon-shifter gambler “Lucky” Lucado to win a high-stakes poker game. Now they’re trapped on a cruise ship full of mobsters, mysterious enemy agents, and evil dragons, and it’ll take all their wits and luck to get out of this alive!

Tiger in the Hot Zone-100px

Tiger in the Hot Zone – Shifter Agents #4

May 1, 2017 Paranormal Romance (F/M) / 577 pages / $2.99 / Amazon for Kindle

In her search for the truth about shifters, tell-all blogger Peri Moreland has been clashing with tiger shifter and SCB agent Noah Easton for years. Now she and Noah are on the run with an unstoppable assassin after them and a custom-made plague threatening the entire shifter world!

Other Series and Standalones

Keeping Her Pride-100px

Keeping Her Pride – Ladies of the Pack #1

July 2, 2017 Paranormal Romance (F/M) / 262 pages / $2.99 / Amazon for Kindle

Lioness shifter Debi never dreamed she’d find love in the arms of a human; alpha real estate magnate Fletcher has had enough bad experiences with shifters to last a lifetime. Can two ambitious people overcome their pride and their prejudices to realize the only thing missing from their lives is each other?


Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

July 25, 2015 Paranormal Romance (F/M) / 173 pages / $2.99 /  Amazon for Kindle

Can the big bad wolf and a sheep shifter have a happy ending? Curvy farm girl Julie Capshaw was always warned away from the wolf shifters next door, but Damon Wolfe is the motorcycle-riding, smoking hot alpha wolf of her dreams.